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Sunday Worship

Worship Services: 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School: 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Gospel Conversations

Gospel Convesations

We want to equip parents with a resource that allows them to have conversations with their students centered on the gospel of God. Therefore, we will provide a helpful, concise, and applicable document that is a recap of what we have taught students on Wednesday Nights and at Sunday School. Each document contains: Topic, Scripture, Main Point, 3 Questions, and other passages you could use if you desire to dig deeper with your student. We will send out 2 emails a week with a hyperlink that will take you to the pdf for that talk. We will send the emails by Wednesday afternoon (for Youth Group) and Saturday afternoon (for Sunday School). This will give you the opportunity to pull it up on your ipad, phone or computer before you leave church with your student. Or feel free to use them on Thursday & Monday morning on the ride to school. Really - use them anyway that works for you! We simply desire for you to have a resource that enables you to have weekly conversations with your students centered on the good news of the gospel! If you would like to be included in the group email list, please email Hannah Callaway(hcallaway [at] indepres [dot] org)

To view the Gospel Conversation document, please click the talk titles below. 

Sunday, Jan 8 - Pentateuch - Moses' Last Words (Deuteronomy)

Wed, Jan 11 - Lies We Believe - God Can't Use Me... 

Sunday, Jan 15 - Historical Books - Rahab

Wed, Jan. 18- Lies we Believe- God Should Fix My Problems... 

Sunday, Jan 22 - Historical Books - Promised Land and Fall of Jericho

Sunday, Jan. 29-  2017 Mercy Conference- God's Mercy

Sunday, Feb. 5 - Historical Books - Gideon

Wednesday, Feb. 15- Lies we Believe: God's not really good... 

Sunday, Feb. 26- Historical Books- Hannah's Hope 

Sunday, March 5 - Finding Jesus in the Historical Books - Saul

Wednesday, March 8 - Lies We Believe: My sin isn't that bad...

Wednesday, March 22 - Lies We Believe: Doing Spiritual Things Always Makes God Happy

Wednesday, April 4- Lies We Believe: Being a Christian means I have to be perfect..."