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"Called": A Christian View Of Work

IPC Fellowship Hall
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Whether you’re folding clothes or closing deals...
making a killing or just scraping by...
starting a new job or entering retirement...
all of us struggle with work and its place in our lives.

Work can be exhilarating. But it’s often boring or difficult. We face office politics and conflict, angry customers or clients. We perform out of fear of failure and job-loss, or solely for money. Often, moms who work outside the home feel guilty, while those who don’t can feel worthless.

 If these challenges weren’t enough, Christians also ask:

  • Does my ‘secular’ job have any spiritual value?
  • Is business success or making money sub-Christian?
  • Is my current job what I’m ‘called’ to do? Or does God have something else in mind? And how do I find out what that is?
  • Does my work – my daily tasks, labor – matter to God?

Thankfully, God speaks to these issues clearly in Scripture. 
Join us as we learn the truth about work.

 Series Schedule & Topics   

  • Wednesday, Feb. 21: Called 1 – Work’s Design (1)
  • Wed., Feb. 28: Called 2 – Work’s Design (2)
  • Wed., March 7: Called 3 – Work’s Distortion (1)
  • Wed March 14: Called 4 – Work’s Distortion (2)
  • Wed March 21: Called 5 – Work’s Deliverance (1)
  • Ø NO Wednesday night activities March 28
  • Ø SPECIAL EVENT, Wed April 4, MLK 50: Dolphus Weary
  • Wed, April 11: Called 6 – Work’s Deliverance (2)
  • Wed, April 18: Called 7 – Work’s Direction (1)
  • Wed, April 25: Called 8 – Work’s Direction (2) 

 *Each talk (with Small Group Questions) will be available online at IPC’s website.