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Sunday Worship

Worship Services: 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School: 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

What is the Gospel?

Salvation for Sinners

The Gospel is not about behavior modification, becoming a better person or learning to become more moral. It's not taking the life of Jesus as a model to live by so as to transform/redeem the secular realm. These may all be good things but they are not to be confused with the Gospel.  Though God may use these endeavors to authenticate the Gospel and make our proclamation of the Gospel more fertile in hardened hearts, they are not the Gospel and should never be viewed as replacements for the Gospel.

Did you notice that the above activities have nothing to do with what Jesus did for us, but are all about what we can do for him. The true Gospel, rather, is the good news about what Christ Jesus has already done for us (in his life, death and resurrection) rather than instruction and advice about what we are to do for him. Christ's accomplishment, not ours, is the essence of the Gospel. Above all, the Gospel of Christ brings good news of forgiveness of sins, freeing grace, and unlimited mercy to sinners of all kinds.  The Gospel is not about what we do, but is all about what Jesus has done for us.

In short, the Gospel is the life-altering news that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became man, lived a sinless life under the law, died for sinners and rose again to reconcile them to himself, making him eternally victorious over every enemy that stands between God and man. Now, because of this redemptive work, there is nothing that separates those who believe upon Jesus and trust in him for their salvation.  One theologian has said that the Gospel centers "upon Jesus Christ and what God has done through him. The essential points of the Gospel are Jesus Christ's status as the Son of God, his genuine humanity, his death for our sins, his burial, resurrection, subsequent appearances, and future coming in judgment. That no one is justified but in the gracious work of Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection. It is not merely a recital of theological truths and historical events; rather, it's relating these truths and events to situations of every individual believer."

At IPC our most valued principle is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as a visitor we hope that you know and understand how much Jesus of Nazareth has loved you in his life, death, and resurrection!