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The IPC Leadership Development Committee was charged with improving the officer training and election process. 


This fall Independent Presbyterian Church is introducing an improved officer training process for future Elders and Deacons. This plan was developed by the Leadership Development Committee and has recently been approved by the Session. We're excited to tell you more about this process.

The first part of the Officer Training process is an 11-week pre-requisite course offered for prospective Elders this fall, beginning September 9. The class is referred to as a pre-requisite course because all new officer candidates are now required to complete it in order to proceed with the next stage of training and stand for election.

This class will be taught by pastors and ruling Elders and will provide the theological foundation and practical orientation that faithful service to the church requires. The class will cover the biblical concepts of Christian leadership, the ministry roles of officers, and other aspects of Reformed theology and Presbyterian Church polity.

Those who successfully complete this course, but do not continue with the election process will not have to re-take this course if they decide to pursue election to the office of Elder in the future.


  • Availability (no more than 3 classes can be missed)
  • Substantial reading will be required
  • Homework will be included

 Contact your community pastor to inquire about participating.

The Session and Leadership Development Committee is excited to share more with you about this revised process.
Click here for a deeper overview of the improved process from the Leadership Development Committee. It will be enriching to you, your family and Independent Presbyterian Church as we seek to train and mentor the future leaders God has chosen to lead His church.

Contact Jeremy Jones at jjones [at] indepres [dot] org, Will Chase at will [at] triumphbank [dot] com or other members of the Leadership Development Committee with questions.