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Meets Monthly on the Third Thursday | 1:30 p.m. | Coffee Area 



Stop by Covenanters' Corner for Storytime for children on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-6:20 p.m.

(The bookstore will be closed on Wednesday evenings until regular Wednesday night dinner and activities resume in August.)

Recommended Reading

Choose Greatness: 11 Wise Decisions That Brave Young Men Make 
by Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler

If you have a son, all you have to do is read the introduction to this book written by Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler to realize you need to read it. As I read, here is what stopped me in my reading tracks:

“As we reflect upon the hundreds of individuals we have counseled through the years, we are both convinced the decisions that are made between the ages of 11 and 16 will largely determine the quality of life a man experiences after he becomes an adult. That is why we are writing this book to young men who are in this most important stage of life.” 

It is a weighty and sobering thought, yes? Be encouraged though. Pick up this book and read about the practical wisdom we can share with our boys—starting TODAY, even if we feel we have messed it all up with our yesterdays.

“We want to be honest,” Chapman says, “and say when we talk about wise decisions we are talking about very important decisions. We have discovered through the years that the young men who sit on our couches for counseling are mostly young men who have been impacted by poor decisions—not other people’s poor decisions, but their own personal decisions—and their lives (college opportunities, work, relationships, friendships, marriage) have been greatly damaged by those decisions.”

In Choose Greatness, Chapman and Shuler team up to look at 11 important choices every young man faces and talk through how he can choose wisely and thereby choose greatness. Full of rich wisdom, down to earth writing, and compassionate insight, this book is perfect for a teen to read on their own or even better, with their dad or a mentoring adult. I am tempted to buy 10 and give them to all my friends with boys. Come and get one (or 10) for yourself and do the same!

— reviewed by Trina Crosby