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Sunday Worship

Morning Services: 8:30 & 11 a.m.

Evening Service: 6 p.m. (most Sundays)

Sunday School: 9:45-10:45 a.m.

Covid-19 Protocol

Safety Protocols for Parents & Kids

Please allow extra time and patience as we adapt to new protocols.

  • If your child exhibits any form of illness before you come to a church event, please stay home for others' safety and well-being.
  • We will not be doing temp checks or asking screening questions to children or parents. We ask that you take temps before you leave home. If temp is over 100.4, please stay home.
  • Parents MUST register their child(ren) for each event or service they plan to use the Nursery or Children's Ministry.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to wear a mask in the Nursery & Children's hallways.
  • Children 11 and under are NOT required to wear a mask. If you would like your child to wear a mask the whole time, please inform the Nursery and/or the Children's Director and your child's teacher.
  • If you can, we ask that only one parent drop off their child(ren).
  • Please label ALL items (i.e. cups, snacks, bags). Consider not bringing pacifiers or lovies as these items can be easily picked up by children and are hard to sanitize.
  • Parents are allowed to bring their child(ren)'s cup but are not permitted to bring in outside food unless they have a special allergy. Please inform the Children's Director.
  • There is a one-way-in and one-way-out policy. Parents will drop off child(ren) at the Avon entrance and walk out of the doulbe doors towards the main lobby. The same parent will pick up their child(ren) by coming through the double doors and leaving through the Avon entrance.
  • NO outside items can be brought in for children (i.e. toys & prizes).

Staff, Teachers & Volunteers:

  • Are required to wear masks the whole time they are in the building.
  • When they arrive, they are required to wash their hands, wear smocks, have their temp checked, and are asked screening questions.
  • Gloves will be worn during appropriate times (i.e. bathroom/diapering children, passing out food or drink)
  • They will do their best to socially distance children in the classroom.

When You Arrive:

  • Please socially distance your families from other families.
  • Come through the Avon door. A staff member or volunteer will greet you. They will have your tags ready for you.
  • One parent will drop off their child(ren), and one parent (hopefully the same parent) picks up their child(ren).
  • Parents will drop off child(ren) outside the classroom.
  • Once parents have dropped off child(ren), head to the double doors leading to the choir hallway/main lobby stairs.

In the Classroom:

  • You may NOT enter any classrooms on the Nursery or Children's floor.
  • Nursery staff or the teacher will open the door for your child(ren).
  • Upon arrival and when leaving the class, child(ren)'s hands will be sanitized.
  • Every surface and toy will be cleaned after child(ren)'s use.

When You Pick Up Your Child:

  • If you can, please have the same parent come to pick up the child(ren).
  • Please enter through the double doors closest to the main lobby staircase.
  • If there is a wait, please distance yourself from other families.
  • Exit through the Avon entrance.

If Your Child Gets Sick During a Church Event:

  • Child will be taken to an isolation room.
  • Parents will be contacted.
  • If appropriate, a nurse or doctor on call on the church premises will be contacted.

Important Note:

If your child has been asked to quarantine by his or her school or from a medical professional, please do not send them to church. If someone from your family is awaiting results from a COVID test or has tested positive, please keep your child home as well until medical professionals have given your family the clear to come back. If your child is showing any signs of illness, please make sure they stay home. Further, if we notice a child appears to be sick at any of our programs, we may pull them aside and take their temperature with one of our no-contact infrared forehead thermometers.