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IPC Mission work is getting back in gear as we adjust to the new COVID-impacted world. On Friday, November 12, a band of IPC brothers will leave for Puerto Rico to work in the mission field helping with construction to help address housing needs. They are working through Hunger Corp (DETAILS HERE.)

The men on this trip are: Johnnie Chambers, Dick Day, Mark Olinger, Bobby Lee, Allen Porter, Fred McCord, "Old" Joe Abrahams, "Young" Joe Abrahams, Govan Hornor, Parker Tenent, and Matt Olson. Please pray for travel mercies and for these men to work hard for the Lord. The team will be sending daily reports on the work being done.

Sunday, November 14

Greetings from Puerto Rico!  Everyone made the trip safely Friday and arrived at our AirB&B in the wee hours Saturday. After sleeping a little we set out to the local Walmart to get provisions and settle in. We found our way to a local beach and enjoyed fellowship watching the sea.  Later we went back to the house to enjoy SEC football. 

Sunday morning we attended Trinity Church in downtown Puerto Rico and worshiped our Lord with Pastor Zach Lutz.  His message was on Micah 6:1-8 and was an excellent reminder of what the Lord expects of us.  After the service we visited with our new friends in Christ. 

We then made our way to Old San Juan and walked through the fort and took in the quaint old town area. Later in the afternoon we found our way back to the house and began resting up for our first day on the job site tomorrow bright and early!  Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, November 15

Today we got down to business. We started the day removing forms used to build concrete portions of the structure. These areas had been put together and the concrete poured over the last week or so. Once we had that cleared, we built a small cinder block retaining wall and built our own concrete forms for the front entry including columns and a roof structure above to serve as a covered front porch. After lunch we mixed the concrete by hand (shovel) to fill those forms. After several hours, we completed this task and cleaned up.  It was a hot and productive day!  We also met some of the residents of the small community and were thrilled with the fellowship we enjoyed with them. We also were able to check out the final results of previous projects in the small community.  It was a great start to the week and it was apparent that the Hunger Corps staff were very happy with our progress.  

We retreated to the house (after a quick stop along the way home) for hamburgers with the team joined by Jose Valesquez!  Great fellowship!

Tomorrow we will focus on some of the details of the front structure of the house as well as preparing the sides for the roof trusses we will be assembling later this week. 

Enjoy the pictures and keep us in your prayers!  We feel the Lord using us and your prayers.

Tomorrow we will focus on some of the details of the front structure of the house as well as preparing the sides for the roof trusses we will be assembling later this week. 

Enjoy the pictures and keep us in your prayers!  We feel the Lord using us and your prayers.

(Note our "Quality Control Inspector" in the tree!)

Parker at his best.

Tuesday, November 16

Greetings from Puerto Rico!  Our accomplishments today were more concrete work around the outside wall perimeter.  We also were able to get most of this wall sealed with a plaster-like slurry. Our quality control iguana stopped by again today only closer!  He was right overhead!

The Lord has blessed us with great attitudes and no injuries!  Wednesday we plan to begin work on the roof structure. Please keep us in your prayers!  Enjoy the pictures. 

Wednesday, November 17

 Hello from Puerto Rico on our hump day!  We were greeted this morning by our resident iguana (quality inspector) from a perch overlooking the house we are working on. It is at least 6 feet long including tail - yikes! After a brief weather delay, we started breaking down the concrete molds and cleaning up around the top of the walls. We then started welding together the ridge support of the roof.  The team cut the anchors and rafters for the welding to begin in earnest. Over lunch, the local community leader of Hunger Corps spoke to the team about their role and mission in the area. By the end of the day, we were able to complete half of the rafters and a good deal of the prep work for tomorrow.

We have been greeted each afternoon by the couple who will own the house (Camilo and Josie).  We celebrate our accomplishments at the end of each day with tea, coffee or hot chocolate that Josie prepares for us. This afternoon we took a group picture that shows the excitement on their faces.  All of the team members are very touched by this.  It is clear that the Lord is working through us here.

Tomorrow we will continue welding rafters and working on the details in preparation for the actual roof to be secured, hopefully by the end of our mission. Please continue to pray for our safety and accomplishments this week. It is very evident that our presence means a lot to this small community. Again, enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, November 18

Thursday morning met us with another rain delay but once passed, everyone kicked into high gear.  We were able to get all of the rafters in place and half of the pearling strips. Our Hunger Corp partners were very thankful that we reached this point (far beyond what they had as a target for our team).  Our quality inspection iguana took the day off, so no lizard pics today. 

At lunch, we were given a first hand account of the neighborhood and the receiving side of Hunger Corps from Barbara, who is now an employee but also was the target house of the second IPC mission to Puerto Rico.  Although her English was broken, we all completely understood her emotions.  What a great testament to the Lord’s power and use of us!  Her home is small but just right for her and her two children.

Tomorrow is the home stretch as we hope to install roofing.  Please continue to pray for this community that is still recovering from hurricane damage and for our continued safety and progress.  The team thanks you for these and are very comforted knowing you are praying for us!

Friday, November 19

This morning our quality control iguana was waiting for us to arrive(see pic with Matt Olson looking at it).  His day off yesterday must have rejuvenated it. We started early so we could have a chance to get some of the roofing attached before we finished the day. After a number of tool issues (welder), we were able to get all of the purlins in place.  We spent most of the day on those details as well as a team focusing on a platform (porch) for the washer and dryer (see pics).  Thankfully, the Lord blessed us with great weather and just enough time to accomplish our goals!  

We wrapped up early so the Hunger Corps team could start the weekend as they are accustomed.  We spent some of that time cleaning up the site and saying our goodbyes to the Hunger Corps team and Camilo and Jossie.  It was a very warm and fun moment for all.

We all feel very good about our accomplishments and could definitely feel the Lord in our presence.  We all thank you for the prayers!!  Please pray for travel mercies as we pack up tomorrow and head back to Memphis.  IPC’s impact is felt in Puerto Rico for sure.  It is such a blessing to send us from our congregation to do this work. The Hunger Corps lead on the site expressed his very strong appreciation for the men in the group and all the hard word we were able to do. Our Mission work and dedication is top notch!  Thanks again for your prayers and for checking on us through this blog.