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Covenanters' Corner Bookstore ~ Serving God's People 30 years

From the barest of beginnings as a little book table to the wonderful store off IPC’s main lobby, God has been working quietly but surely to grow and mature His people through books purchased at Covenanters’ Corner Bookstore.  And isn’t this very much how He works – in the quiet unseen ways? 

The store began as a mustard seed of an idea in Marilyn Hamilton’s mind.  She communicated her vision to the leadership of the church, and they endorsed the project and supported the work.  Marilyn was advised by several of those leaders, one being Tom Phillips.  Juanita Acree, Tee Turberville, Joanne Turner, and Mary Ellen Chase came alongside and worked to lay the groundwork for the fledgling ministry.  God grew it to the point where full-time workers were needed.  Mary Ellen became manager and was joined by Margaret Graham to keep the store open on a regular basis.  Cathy Boyd joined the team of workers, fulfilling demands for sermon tapes.  Many tapes went out every week spreading the teaching of IPC all over the country. 

The store developed from a book table to a store in a closet under a staircase to a room in the basement.  At this point, Mary Ellen retired and Debbie McCallen was hired as manager. God continued to bring many different people to work and minister in the store.  Pam Sousoulas, Trina Crosby, Marsha Spink, Marion Dalton, Molly Roberts, Jonna Hart, Lynn Schaefer, Sandy Bryan, Carol Stokes, Becky Geisewite, Kim Larroux, and Kelly Fernandez gave of their time and gifts in the store.

It was a blessing for each as they saw how the ministry not only provided books for teaching and study, but books or gifts for those going through difficult times.  Many customers have come through the store needing a gift, needing a smile, needing prayer, needing encouragement; and all have been provided by God’s grace.  

Covenanters’ Corner has always been a quiet ministry reaching far into the community.  Faithful customers come from as far as Indiana, California, Arkansas, and many other places.  Customers from out of town make it a practice to come to the store when they are in town; and we regularly hear that they do not have anything like this store in their part of the country.  Our prayer has always been that our customers would know God’s presence and provision here.  Many have returned to tell us how the book or gift they purchased ministered to them or to the one for whom they bought it. 

Covenanters’ Corner has truly been a blessing to those working here as well as those who shop here.  Our hope and desire that God’s people would know Him better and love Him more because of the materials in the store are daily being answered.  And now, Andrew Ginn is at the helm to guide the store through the coming days.  IPC truly has a gift in her midst.  May God continue to bless our bookstore and use her for many more years.